Truth or Dare... Part 2

I was a little sad when R stood up and my cock slipped out of her with a wet, slurping sound, leaving my hard cock shiny and exposed to everyone in the room. I would've happily fucked her right there in the living room, her big tits bouncing up and down, with B, D and S watching until I came inside if her pretty, neatly trimmed pussy... But truth or dare had run it's course and R, my friend's wife who, until just an hour or so ago, I had thought to be boring, had other plans.

She took S's hand and grabbed me by the cock and led us down the hall toward the master bedroom, B and D following close behind, all of us naked and fully aroused. As we passed the bathroom someone said that they could use a shower... We all agreed that was a great idea.

B turned on the water and the five of us squeezed into the relatively small shower, me in the middle, a girl on each side of me, and the other guys on the ends. The next thirty minutes are kind of a blur... As close as I can recall, I  started out washing R's hair, then her body paying extra attention to soaping up her tits, ass and pussy... they were veeerrry dirty...

While I was busy with that, R was making out with D and stroking his sudsy cock. S had B against the shower wall and was making out with him and stroking his cock under the water. I turned around, my wet ass against R's soapy butt and started applying liberal amounts of body wash to S's tits. S dropped to her knees and alternated between sucking B's cock and mine. I'm pretty sure that R was performing a similar service for D.

After a few minutes of delightful oral, I traded places with S, propped her leg up on the edge of the tub and started licking and fingering her sweet pussy. D decided that looked good so did the same with R. I'm pretty sure the B was playing with S's ass by this time as she had mentioned earlier that she was open to anal... And B really wanted to fuck her cute ass... who wouldn't?!

We rotated around the tub, rubbing against each other,  soapy cocks, tits, asses and pussies slipping against each other, everyone getting a turn under the water and everyone getting their share of sucking, fondling and fingering... R even slipped a finger into my ass, a new experience for me, but everything was fair game at this point... and I certainly returned the favor by licking her freshly washed ass.

It was really just a big, wet, free-for-all, mostly hetero, but I know that my cock brushed against B's in passing and I'm pretty sure that it was not always female hands stroking me.. At the insistence of the girls, I was stroking two cocks, neither of them mine... not a bad feeling and part of the deal as the girls agreed to make out with each other, press their wet tits together and finger each other as long as the guys were stroking each others dicks and balls. Again, a new experience for me and a total turn on, especially with the show the ladies were putting on.

I was a little sad to get out of the shower and take my turn drying a girl and then being dried with a big, soft towel. With so much foreplay my cock was getting impatient but holding off on cumming for the first half hour or so always helps me with staying power when I get down to actual sex... And this would serve me well as R once again grabbed my hard cock and led me out if the bathroom and toward the bed...


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Added: Dec 15, 2018
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