Truth or Dare Part 1

One of my favorite experiences started innocently enough with four friends and a perfectly normal game of euchre. As the evening progressed... We decided to switch over to poker.

My friend's wife, who I will refer to as R, was feeling saucy and wanted to play a trick on her friend S... who was  more than a bit farther along than the rest of us. R suggested switching to strip poker which everyone eagerly agreed to. R and I may have stacked the deck just a bit as S was quickly naked and, having no more cloths to bet, was subjected to somewhat intimate displays of various body parts and performing lap dances for the guys... To be  henceforth known as, B, D and me. She didn't really seem to mind.

S wasn't naked alone for long however. R insisted that the purpose of strip poker was for everyone to lose so we were soon all sitting around the table bare ass naked, three hard cocks and two wet pussies fully exposed.... Not to mention two delightful sets of tits!

It now occurs to me the I had always considered R to be just a bit tame... Yet she was definitely leading the evening in the direction that she wanted it to go... She suggested that we switch the game again, this time to truth or dare. I must admit that my memory becomes somewhat focused on the ladies and myself from this point on. I know that there was plenty of interaction between B, D and the girls but I can't provide a lot of detail.

However, I remember my participation vividly! B dared his wife, R, to make out with me... She was very good at it. Then he dared me to suck R's tits... Which were exceptionally large and dark. I really enjoyed that.

R dared me to lick S's pussy. S willingly hung her legs over the arms of the chair, spread herself open and moaned happily as I buried my tongue in her shaved, wet pussy, our friends watching, as I thoroughly ate her out.

D dared S to suck my cock so she got on her knees in the middle of the room and sucked me off for several minutes while our friends watched and played with their cocks and pussy. It turned me on so much to have everyone watching. I'm amazed that I didn't cum right then... But I'm glad that I didn't.

I remember walking all the way around the house naked with S, dirty dancing outside on the picnic table in the yard with R, my hard cock rubbing against her naked ass and my hands fondling her huge boobs... And quickly sitting down when a car came by, my fingers 'accidentally' slipping down to her pussy and hers grasping my shaft.

Now, don't get me wrong, B and D had plenty of fun too. R (B's wife) did seem to take great pleasure in daring B and S to engage in various acts of fondling, licking and sucking. I believe that R was on the couch with D and I stroking our cocks while she watched her husband and friend play with each other.

The highlight of the game of truth or dare came when B made a particularly daring dare for R... And lucky me, I was the prop for her task. I sat on a chair in the middle of the room, my cock fully erect and pointing straight up. With her back to me she grasped my cock, guiding it into her soaking wet pussy as she lowered herself on to my lap, taking me all the way into her. Our friends all had a close up view of my cock burried in her pussy... What a thrill!

As the dare was only to achieve full penetration (with a little innocent thrusting) we only stayed that way for a couple minutes, cock in pussy, hands on tits... And that was the culmination of truth or dare... But not the end of the fun...



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Added: Dec 15, 2018
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