Carmen - Crossing the Border

Beginning of 2001, being with Marlene and experimenting and experiencing awesome new sexual pleasures a lot…really a lot….I was wanting, desiring more, different sexual pleasures.  I went searching on line and seriously I wasn’t expecting much but I was thinking let’s see what happens.

I was surprised in about a week; I received a response of a young lady liking my profile.  We started chatting and emailing what we desired. I was very surprised of the explicit, detail of what she wanted me to do to her.   Her name was Carmen, 35 years of age and stated she lives across the border but attends the University in the US, after classes she would head back home across the border.

After a couple weeks of emailing back and forth, I asked if she wanted to meet for coffee and see if we liked what we saw. I was surprised when she stated that she would be ok to meet at a hotel and we can start from there.  Ohh yea, I was definitely ok with that.

On the day we agreed I went to the University to pick her up (she ditched classes- yesss!). I was in my car and I saw this woman, in a one piece dress that wasn’t quite a maxi dress but went down pass her knees, exit the building and I don’t know why but I said, “ yep I believe that’s her.”  Sure enough she walked to my car and got into the passenger side, just like that. Carmen was about 5’6”, chubby, long dark thick curly hair to her shoulder, dark skinned and a cute face.

In her dress I could see she was full body-chubby- not fat and couldn’t quite tell how really big her tits were. As I drove to the hotel, down the road, we both complimented on each other appearances and stated laughing we actually really described ourselves to one another. We laughed and little small talk till we got to the Hotel.

As we entered the hotel room, I was excited and my cock was throbbing. Carmen appeared nervous and sat on the bed….almost as if she was ashamed! I talked to her and yes she was nervous and wasn’t sure if I would like and enjoy myself.  I stated, for your information you’re cute and I really like what I see and I stated that my cock was excited and liked you already!

I sat next to her on the bed, talking and slowly caressing and kissing her. I felt her body relax and she was touching me and my crotch, nice and slow. I stood her up, and went behind her, as I was slowly kissing her neck, as my hands caressed her tits and my hip and cock I pressed hard against her big firm ass. I love it, she begins to moan and wiggles her ass slowly against my throbbing cock. I slowly unzipped the back of her dress and slowly let the dress fall to the ground.

Still slowly kissing her neck and my hands touching, feeling her tits and ass, I unhooked her bra and, wow, popping out were full dark color tits 38DD, and protruding big and about an inch long nipples. I was at full attention and throbbing. I laid her down on the bed as I was removing my clothes and I was fully naked with a full erect cock. Carmen reaches over and wrapped her small chubby hot hand around my cock. My cock twitched with arousal and got harder! I laid her on 

her back and proceeded to take off her panties and I was so surprised (in a good way) in what I saw! Carmen’s pussy area was a huge thick black bush of hair! I could barely see her pussy!

I was touching and spreading her pussy hair, I located a very cute pink moist pussy. I proceed to touch her pussy lips and slowly inserted a couple fingers in her moist pussy. Carmen moaned loudly and slowly started thrusting her pussy upwards making my fingers go deeper into her very wet pussy! (Carmen had stated she was on the pill but for me, just to be safe and feel relaxed I decided to myself no cumming in her pussy)

 I position myself between her legs and I parted her hair and pussy lips with my hand and slowly placed the head of my cock just barely parting Carmen’s pussy lips. Carmen gasped and I felt a super wet, steaming hot pussy and I then slowly penetrated her very tight wet pussy- balls deep!

What a fucking feeling! Carmen …super wet, tight and hot pussy. She started slowly thrusting her hips back and forth and I let her fuck me like that for a few minutes! Each slow thrust Carmen was getting wetter and wetter. Carmen is now moaning loudly as I started thrusting and thrusting harder and deeper. I can now feel Carmen’s pussy juices dripping as her pussy twitches and squeezes my thrusting cock. I now started going harder, in and out balls deep, bending over and sucking her hg hard nipples and Carmen is now cumming nicely on my cock!

I continue to fuck, alternating slow and fast, shallow and deep thrusts and Carmen was nonstop, seriously nonstop cumming on my cock! My cock was soaked in her pussy cum, it made me harder and definitely wanting to keep fucking.  After close to 40 minutes, I moaned loudly: “I am about to cum”… I pulled out my cum soaked cock, laid my cock over her dripping wet pussy with  my balls on her pussy lips, as I came onto her stomach and chest ( just landing  below her huge tits) and I came and came. Once I stopped spurting cum and my cock was slowly dripping cum, I leaned over, took a nipple in my mouth and gently bit down…. And Carmen cum spurted again for about 30 seconds!

I looked down at my very satisfied cock and it was soaked and covered in a thick foam type pussy cum. She started to apologize sorry my cum is thick and looked into her eyes and said it was fucking awesome! That look in her eyes and face was just perfect- she was happy, surprised and extremely satisfied. Her pussy was dripping a lot and her thick pussy hairs was soaked a lot and matting erotically around her pussy.

I rolled over and she snuggled up to me, slowly touching and stroking my pussy soaked cock. As we rested a bit, as she was lightly stroking, I was playing with her huge tits and awesome nipples and my cock began to show excitement again. 

 Ummm yep my cock was rising and very excited.  I got up off the bed and slowly turned Carmen on her stomach and started positioning her at the edge of the bed. She kept looking back at me, with a worried look and I asked “you ok”. Carmen still had that uncomfortable look in her eyes and asked me what I was doing?!? I was wondering if she pulling my other leg…Lol… but I could tell she was dead serious. I asked… “You have never been fucked this way?”  Carmen looked at me with complete bewilderment in her eyes and face!

I stated, “I would love to fuck you very much in this position if you’re ok with that.”  In a very very soft voice she said... “I have only done the missionary position, what we did earlier”.  I was stunned but more excited than ever. I talked to her stating my cock will go deeper in your pussy and I can fuck you even better than the first time!” I told her “if you’re not comfortable and don’t think you can or want to try…..its ok… I just want you relaxed and pleasured!” 

Carmen nodded ok, but kept her face turned back toward me watching as I slowly slid my super hard cock now, slowly in her juicy tight wet pussy. I was watching her face and eyes as I entered all the way… balls deep.  I saw Carmen’s look of surprise, pleasure and amazement all in one. Carmen moaned and placed her head down and enjoyed my cock balls deep for 35 minutes. Carmen’s pussy was super wet and she was continuously cumming and several times cum gushed on my cock! I pulled my throbbing cum filled cock out of her dripping pussy and proceeded to cum hard and a lot on her ass and back!

My cock was covered in thick pussy cum and seeing it rest on her big ass…what a view.

We rested on the bed, with small talk as I continued to play and squeeze her huge tits and nipples. We both stated we would love to do this again and many times. I was so pleasured and happy and my cock was still throbbing when I dropped her off at the University watching her walk away! It was a very very educational session for both of us! I don’t remember taking pictures/videos of Carmen which of course I regret!

Carmen and I met many times over the next 2 years and we experimented and tried everything! There will be another story soon of my first 3 some, involving Marlene and Carmen and other stories with awesome sexual get together’s with Carmen!!!

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