Annette - my first exploring outside of my relationship

Annette- First one

After 21 years of nearly nonexistent sex life (maybe 4-5 times a year) with my other half...I decided I needed to explore and finally enjoy sex a lot!

In 1999, I decided to check out the singles, sex to meet sites. I created a profile and posted on a couple and one was on AdultFriendFinder. After I say about 2-3 months I got a response from a young lady and we began to talk back and forth on AdultFriendFinder chat and then by emails. In our conversation - I could tell she wanted sex and that sex was not a lot in her life.  

Her name was Annette and she was 32 years of age. We finally decided to meet and this being my first time out of the relationship I was excited and a bit scared.

I picked her up one late afternoon and we drove to a secluded spot by the river and parked underneath a tree. Annette was about 5’8”; heavy build, reddish brown hair, brown eyes.

I was excited, cock throbbing and very anxious all at the same time. After we talked a bit, she stated certain rules...she stated - that she will not perform oral on me at all. I stated that was OK...and she stated seriously...I am tired of sucking cock, that is all my boyfriend wants and I am tired of it! She added, all I want is your cock to fuck my pussy, for a long time.

I agreed 1,000%. We jumped into the back seat and started to undress. As I watched her undress, I saw that she had nice huge tits (42 CC), nice round big ass and a pink moist pussy covered in light red hair! Damn!

She spread her legs and I got in between them and placed my throbbing cock right up her wet pussy lips and for a mere split second I stopped and thought …”I shouldn't do this!”

I slid the head of my cock in between her pussy lips, and I was hooked. I slipped my throbbing hard cock balls deep in her silky soft wet pussy and held it there. She moaned and yes definitely we were heaven.

We fucked for a good 25-30 minutes and she gush cummed repeatedly (first time I ever had felt or seen that in my life). As I was fucking her I bent down and sucked and bit her nipples and she moaned and gushed when I did that...Each and every time! My cock was soaking wet, her red pussy hairs were glistening with moisture and her pussy was dripping from her Cumming.

I came so hard and spurted a huge amount of cum in her wet pussy! It was beyond awesome! I collapsed on top of her breathing hard, still feeling her pussy juices flowing on my cock!

We rested for about 15 minutes in which she really complimented on my fucking her real good and she stated she couldn't remember ever being fucked that good and for that long! I had no problems with her compliments...Believe me!

We then again fucked 2 more times of about 30 minutes each and both ended with some awesome Cumming in her dripping pussy over flowing with my cum and her pussy squirting !!

We met t 5-6 times after that within a year. Each and every time it was awesome fucking, on her back, sideways and doggy! It seemed like maybe we were going to try with her sucking my cock and possibly anal BUT Annette moved out of town and never to be seen or enjoyed again! Lol...Each and every time, no oral or anal, just some awesome fucking for very long periods of time and usually 2-3 times Cumming each time we met.

I was so into the physical and pleasure of being with Annette...I never even thought of taking a picture or videos of us. I wish I had...I regret that but that was the only regret!

I learned a lot about me sexually and I learned a lot of things in being with a woman and learning sexually wants and needs...which I knew would continue, after being with Annette.

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Added: Apr 20, 2018
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