Hello to you all from Anna

The Club have given me a chance to say 'thank you ' for your comments about how much you like seeing me enjoying sex! Why not, I simply crave and love the feeling of a man's prick! After a while when I'll make any prick hard, given the chance I'll desparately want to suck it and then have it fuck me!  Oh my god do I love that feeling when a prick is there and giving me the pleasures I feel. Of course you'd also so enjoy having me there beneath you, I'm always happy on my back or kneeling there to let you use my gorgeous pussy or if you want you can burst thru my "rosebud" and savor me that way. I'll always dress to please, and as you've seen here, I do so like high heels and stockings!  Well, what are you waiting for- [email protected] and plead with me to let you fuck me! After all, you do want to bury your prick in my mouth then take my wetness and push your cock into my wet pussy and just fuck! I'd like that and I'm absolutely sure you would too!   LoVe. Anna.

carambawillUnited Kingdom
Added: Mar 15, 2018
  • Posted by tomsureshot on

    Anna, love to meet you, you are my kind of woman …. Any chance? Tom(Oxon) x [email protected]

  • Posted by shammer on

    oh yes I was fucking her in between marriages ! knew her husband and we did thing to do a double up with her and make her a bit of a whore ! looks like she's yours there at the college now ! oh yea the echo in the underground car park is great for hearing her moan ! i'll get in touch and maybe you guys will let me fuck her again

  • Posted by carambawill on

    shammer, did you know her at the college then ?

  • Posted by shammer on

    well anna, looks like you've found out that being such a tart is right up your street, or should i say cunt !

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