My favorite experiences continued

The first time Claudia decided to see what it was all about, (our long time friend John is the other lucky guy at her mercy) we use to get together and hide from the world, at least once a month, John was the only one who was invited to hang with us, we had gotten together on several occasions and we would have a good time watching porn, talking about things that we had done, and asked? About things. The one thing you have to keep in mind is Claudia prefered the group, MMF, gangbang videos, I was asked a lot of? About my experiences and on several occasions I/we had asked her if she was willing to try it, on this day John and I talked about it and I asked her if she was willing to try it because she had to be as turned on as we where, she said that she would probably be more apt to play next weekend, this way she could think about it more, not much we could say.

She then got up from the bed we where kicked back on and said that she was going to take a shower, about 30 minutes later when she came out of the bathroom she took both of us off guard, she had one of my silk button up long sleeve soccer shirts on unbuttoned not quite all the way, and nothing else, we didn't know what to do at first, she put in a new movie and crawled up between us, John was quick to follow my lead by taking off my shorts and shirt. It was not hard to figure out what to do next, she had a hold of our cocks as soon as they were out, John was a little uneasy, he had never been in this kind of situation before. I told him that it's all up to her, we pretty much had covered what wasn't really acceptable in our previous talks, she started giving him head and I was playing with her pussy and. She then got on top of him and she made it clear that she had no problem with just taking whatever she wanted! We both came several times, God was she hot! Talk about a completely different woman, oh man, you have to keep in mind these are all first-time experiences for her and John, she NEVER thought being watched would be such a turn on, for the next 2 years John and I kept trying to find out what would make her say stop or something to that nature, we never found it. But the things that she wanted to do over and over again where many, we asked her if she was glad we didn't wait until the next weekend she said "oh, WE are doing it next weekend too!" And we did. I'll tell you about that in a min, if you want to hear more leave me a message.

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Added: Jun 24, 2018
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    would love to hear more..sounds like she was so ready,just did not know it

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My favorite experiences continued
My favorite experiences