My favorite experiences

My last wife of 15yrs and I had the most memorable and enjoyable Times of any of the relationships in our lives  (including the one she is in now) so she's told me on more than one occasion, I am a straight male who enjoys seeing and being part of pleasuring a woman who likes to be pleased, one of the more enjoyable thing's that added to the whole thing is going she's a quiet, rather conservative country girl who had been raised in a good Christian home with proper Christian values. I was shocked the first time I came home early to find her watching a porno that I would have picked if you know what I mean. amature gangbang mmf  we had been together for a little more than a year, she knew my 2nd wife and they where good friends and she knew the kinda stuff Jen and I got into. Jen was a borderline nympho and Claudia and Jen talked about it all the time, Claudia seemed to always want to hear about the latest exploits end Jen was more than willing to TO fill her in on every detail, Jen was like Claudia in a lot of ways ,conservative, quiet, innocent little Catholic school girl, (yeah RIGHT!) Later on I would find the real meaning of uncomfortable when 2nd wife sent present wife copys of our home video's, 23 hrs of tape made in 6yrs of marriage Jen was a real gangbang princess and she loved to be videoed, we had a lot of fun, she's also the one who encouraged Claudia to try it when she got the chance, and she didn't regret it when the time came ,tell you about that in a min. 

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Added: Jun 15, 2018
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My favorite experiences continued
My favorite experiences