Work - Secret Admirer

Guys, What kind of new kinky son of a bitches are acting out at work?? It used to be that guys would hit on you but never did anything that could get them fired. I always keep my personal sexual life and my professional work life separate. I never mix them. Some fucker at work is definitely crossing the line. I work with a real pervert.

I go to work in an office with cubicles, offices and meeting rooms. It's like most of the corporate world. I wear business casual skirts and blouses to the office and make sure to never show more skin than is proper. I thought everyone there was just friendly until this past week. I don't know exactly when it started, but I was finding myself more and more in deep thought (mostly about sex) while I was sitting at my computer. Working on forms and spreadsheets, I could feel my pussy start to lightly pulsate. It would seem like nothing at first, intensify, and then it would calm down. It would happen once or twice in a day, but eventually it increased in number and intensity. I was starting to think that there was something wrong with me. I found myself legs crossed and both hands in fists pressed tight against my groin. This happened a few times. I would have to sit with my chair up against my desk. Hoping no one saw. My coworker noticed that I was looking strained and asked me if I was ok. I told her that I was having cramps. Lied. She just told me "girl, I know what you mean, you should take off early". I did. My panties were a bit soggy.

After a week, I started planning for these "accidents". I carried wet wipes and plenty of tissues. I got really good at discretely cleaning myself (under my desk) without anyone being the wiser. I just thought I'd have to get used to it. Maybe I should have sex more often so that I would get this way at work.  Yesterday...  I was at work doing something on my PC when my pussy started acting up. I have a fat highlighter on my desk that I've started using to push myself a little so that I won't get caught. So I pull my skirt up a little and slide the smooth part up against the edge of elastic of my panties. I put the tip under and around my mound and rub my hard clit. I do this for a couple of minutes and then pull it out as one of the guys walk by. Without thinking twice, I have it in my mouth. Sucking. With that taste still lingering, I slide my hand back down and feverishly fuck myself until my knees come together as I cum. My office supply gets lost under my desk. I wipe myself again and dry off. Time to go to the bathroom for a real cleaning. Maybe round two. 

I squat down to find my highlighter and then I see it. There is a small wireless camera stuck under my desk. It was pointed at the level of my pussy.  Oh, shit! My chair. I put my hand on the edge of my chair cushion and press down. There's a noticeable hump. It was vibrating. Holy fuck! I wasn't going crazy. Someone had pulled the fabric away from the edge and took out some of the foam. There was some kind of tiny cylinder thingy with a 9 volt battery and antenna thing at the end.

I pulled it out of the seat and the camera from under the desk. I was mad, but now I was thinking about what I was doing and how many times I did it. I'm so fucked. Come on, now! Someone really has nothing better to do than design something like this? Should I be mad or be flattered. Of course I'm mad. I was tricked and I don't have an clue just where that footage ended up.

Now, I have a different chair, I'm in a new desk and I can't help but stare at everyone at work, trying to see something in their eyes. I hope it's not my boss. He's really gross. 

  • Posted by Fuckme23 on

    Wow very hot!! I love it!!

  • Posted by ronaldadams15 on

    I'd love to see more of you baby

  • Posted by lickmm69 on

    Awesome hope you get the footage of your juicy pussy and share it with us.

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