My Public Masturbation

So I went to the Bones (strip joint) to hang out with some friends.  I know some of the dancers there and wanted to show some love.

Camila was riding me hard. #lapdance So wet.  We drank and partied until closing. We got to talking about the craziest shit we've ever done and we started talking about how sexy it would be to have public sex or masturbate out in the open.  Well I have had sex outdoors many times but it wasn't very public but I've never masturbated in public.  It just seemed a little too risky.

She reminded me that she basically masturbated at the club for everyone on a daily basis. We laughed so much at this.

It was really late, really early in the morning.  Everybody went to to get some breakfast at Denny's and I dropped my girl off at her apartment. She is so cute and loves to flirt with me.  I said goodnight and she reached down and lifted my skirt. Yep wet as fuck! Laughing. Then she was gone and my clit was throbbing.

I was on my way home but decided to take a shortcut through town. I drove by a really big park and decided to have some fun. I had my engine running and my doors locked. Music playing and I was playing with my pussy.

I got to thinking about what she said about being out in public and how exciting it was. I turned off my car and walked into the park.

I soon came to a park bench near a shelter. There were lights but not right over the bench.  I was nervous so I looked around and slid one leg out of my panties. They were my black Vicoria's Secret lace Chikini's.  I pulled open my blouse and undid my bra. I half expected a cop to come by and bust me!

After about ten minutes, I started getting bolder and louder. I was moaning loud and rubbing my clit feverishly. It was so fucking hot. I could hear the cars passing by and people laughing from the other side of the park. So I leaned back and put my legs up on the bench and started flicking in one and then another finger. My pussy was so soggy. I had my first orgasm then.  They always start quickly but build up till they're really intense.

My tits were out and my nipple pinched. I was on my fourth finger when I heard the sound of a stick breaking.

I just froze. Everything was quiet and then I heard a guy whisper. It's ok sweetheart, keep going. We ain't going to do anything but watch.  I squinted my eyes and could make out a small group of homeless looking guys with bottles in hand.  They must be squatting in the shelter. They were standing about ten feet away from the bench behind some hedges. Big smiles on their faces.

Things got real, just then. I had my hand mostly in my pussy and didn't know if I should run. They just sort of squatted down and then one said, No really, go ahead. We swear! We just want a good show and this is the best one we've seen in a long time.  

Well, it was very fucking exciting and I was getting so close. So I just said that if any of them came any closer, I'd fucking kick their asses.  Really I was thinking I'm running.

I started up again, but this time faster, trying to finish up - just in case.  My legs spread and my a cool breeze blowing on my puss. It was so intense. My body started responding. Legs started twitching and my head was back. My panties dropped to the sidewalk and my pussy was squirted. "Ohh, god yes little girl!" Said one of them. I was seeing stars and my fans were grunting. I think they were jerking off.  I was having multiple orgasms and couldn't keep my eyes open to watch what these guys were doing.  I was almost done when I felt a hand on my thigh. And then another one on my other one.  "Stay calm baby, we just wanted a closer look". 

I was in mid gushing orgasm, my body was rigid and locked up. These guys pushing my thighs open while one of them had a cell phone aimed at my cooch. He was using his 40 oz bottle trying to collect my shooting cum. He was leaning forward almost shoving the bottle neck in! I pushed it away. They smelled filthy. Body odor and heavy alchohol. At least they were too messed up to do much more.  I got up and adjusted my skirt and blouse and got to stepping. I was ten feet away when I realized that one of them had my panties pressed against his face.  One was licking the bottle like a fucking popcycle or icecream cone. 

I may masturbate in public again, but not there. I miss those panties.

  • Posted by Fuckme23 on

    I just read this. Ill take you out to do public crazy exciting things in front of people

  • Posted by Throbbing4ya on

    Would lv to av come across you x

  • Posted by ronaldadams15 on

    Love public sex acts

  • Posted by lickmm69 on

    Damn id love a mutual masterbation session in public with you watching each other pleasuring ourselves. Me kneeling between your thighs cock in hand as you finger your slit and clutch mmmmm

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