El Burro - TJ Night Fun turns into Fingered

Whenever I'm in Sandiego, I usually end up in Tijuana (TJ). Usually my girlfriend and I party till morning and then we take the walk of shame to the hotel. Basically it was same-same, with a twist.

It was a Friday night and we were on the Avenida Revolucioń. There's a lot of clubs and bars (some pretty seedy). Because we're Latina, some mistake us for locals. That's usually a good thing.

For the most part, we had a blast. Free or cheap cocktails, dancing till I was dizzy and the best food in the world (when you're got the munchies). As you walk down the street, it seems that there's always somebody trying to get you in their door. Well we ended up at some strip joint called "El Burro"! Really, that's the name.

No cover or so we entered. The dancers were average, and everyone was really pushy. Some American guy pressed up on me as soon as I walked in. One of the hosts came up and led us to a table the same guy sat nearby with some of his buddies. He was like "Hey little se├▒orita, I have American money. Want to have some fun?" I just ignored him. They looked like Army or Marines. Big guys with big egos. In another situation, I may have given the guy a certain amount of attention.

We were having such a riot there, buying lap dances and stuffing money in some G-Strings. I had a young naked hottie on my lap rubbing her pussy on my knee. She was making me really horny. I didn't mind when she ran her hands down my neck and onto my tits. Mine were on her hips when she slowly pulled down my top and fondled my tits. Of course the jarheads were watching and drooling. I slipped this girl a tenty spot. She was hot and now I was too.

It was late and time to move on. My friend said that she had to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. It was a shitty little place so of course I was going to watch the door and make sure no one walked in on her.

While I was waiting, I heard this guy saying something in really bad, broken Spanish. He was trying to say that I was beautiful and he was in love with me. He was saying "Fifty American dollars, honey. That's a lot."

I turned around and saw the same dude, but now he was definitely high as a kite but there was a real strange look in his red eyes. I was getting ready to say something clever, but didn't get a word out as he pressed up on me again. This time there was no one there. He was bigger than I remember and strong. He easily kept me pressed to the wall with his tongue out liking my mouth and face. Honestly I was a bit nervous but mostly I was surprised. I've been dealing with guys like this for a long time. He had his hand up my skirt and found the crotch of my panties. My wet panties (thanks stripper girl). They didn't slow down his thick, rough fingers from penetrating my swollen pussy. How rude! Typically I would not mind a little bathroom fingering, but he didn't even say please.

I was able to finally get his face off of mine long enough to say something. I told him, "I'm American, dude!" That really got his attention. He froze but still had couple of fingers buried deep. All the way to his knuckles in my pussy. I said for him to cut his shit. That's when one of his buddies came into the dark hallway and grabbed him from behind. His arm was around the dude's neck and he was not playing. He heard what I had said and was saying "Time to go, asshole. You're going to get us both in trouble again!" As his fingers pulled out, it felt like my pussy was being turned inside-out. It didn't hurt. If I'm being honest, I almost came.

When they left, I just popped into the bathroom to tell my friend what had just happened. I told her about how deep his monster fingers had gotten, she just laughed and asked if I gave him her number. That's why I hang out with this bitch.

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    He girl, wats up. Ill be in San Diego March 24th.. Lets hook up. Ill pay for the party!!! Message me. Im game for all. But Im not a lame!! Tex me my sweetheart

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    Absolutely love your hot stories baby would love to spend a long night with you

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