Can anyone help

Hello to you all,

I'm Doug I'm new to this site and I have a sexual fantasy that I'd like to do only I'm not sure how to go about looking so I'd be very grateful if anyone can give me some ice.first this is my fantasy im a slave and this is how I imagine it. I'm in a cupboard my mistress and her friends are drinking and enjoying themselves finally I'm released from the cupboard and the mistress and her friends have there fun I'm paraded in front of them naked or outfits of mistresses choice dirty panties trusted under my nose or in my mouth they have me giving them pleasure sure you know what I mean there pictures and video taken won't be any complaints on my part there would be grateful if anyone can give me some ice or point me in the right direction or if there's anyone interested in helping me out on here I live in Hertfordshire.

Best wishes to you all.


Desperate13United Kingdom
Added: Jun 2, 2018
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Can anyone help