Vegas Buffet Up Skirt

Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? I did and I was. I was just at a casino buffet eating some prime rib and mashed potatoes.  I had been there about thirty minutes when I noticed this old guy staring at me, then looking away.  

He was a typical tourist. White guy about 60 something, clean shaved and glasses. He must not see many Mexicans where he's from.

So we're eating and talking and I look up and he's sort of staring at me but not. He was looking a little dazed and licking his fat old lips. He saw me and then looks away again.  His wife is talking with her mouth open pointing at some thing she bought in a gift shop.

I don't really give a shit why he's staring but the way he's looking at me is a bit creepy. Back to my meal. 

When I look back at him. He has the same weird smirk on his face but has his phone out and seemes to be deep in something.  Good. 

After a good twenty more minutes I'm done eating and look up to see his eyes locked on mine. WTF! Something's up for sure. His phone is still in his hand but now it looks like it's pointed at me, but tilted a bit. 

I look down and see that sometime while putting my napkin on my lap, I accidentally hiked up my skirt. The table cloth covered up the view from most people, except for the guy sitting directly across from me! I don't cross my legs while pigging out so most of my meal, I was spread-eagle. 

As soon as I adjusted my skirt, and cross my legs, I look up and his face goes deep red and you know this old fuck is busted.  Away goes his phone and he's getting all his shit together and starts to get up to leave but can't. His hard-on won't let him stand up! Me cracking up. His wife yelling at him to go. Serves you right Dirty Old Fuck.

  • Posted by ronaldadams15 on

    I'd love to not only look but I would want to taste all your goodness and take you right there

  • Posted by lickmm69 on

    Luck old bastard but id have had a wank as i admired your beautiful self lol oh what trouble I'd have gotten into

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