My Man's Brother knows how to Smash a Girl

This is not my finest hour, but we really tied one on this past St. Patrick's day!

Green beer is still beer.  The affects are pretty potent when you mix it with tequila.  I found out the hard way. 

So my man's brother was visiting this weekend so we decided to take him out to all the clubs. I mean All the clubs. We tore them up and didn't go home till we were shoved out the doors.  Ha, ha.  It was really cool talking shit and getting into some really stupid arguments about politics, sports and of course, Sex.  The more we talked about it, the more we kind of flirted. You know, shit like you couldn't handle this pussy! He kept saying he could knock me out with his fat cock.  I didn't think he was serious or anything, but he said something about how I picked the wrong brother.  I just laughed.  I told him I just picked the one with the job. 

He got a little butt-hurt, but that was that.  Long story short, we headed on back to our place.  We had a couch with his name on it and we were going to bed.  It was cute, I changed into my little lacey panties and extra large t-shirt. My honey tried to mount my ass, but with his whiskey limp dick, he just embarassed himself and rolled over and started snoring. I could hear the TV on in the living room. The lights were off but I could see the glowing coming from the living room. 

It was sort of quiet for a while, I could feel myself floating off into dreamland when I hear glass break. Groggy, I get up and stagger to the bedroom door. I walk out to our guest trying to pickup a picture fram from the ground. He was having issues focusing and soon toppled over into the ottoman. He was cracking up and trying to apologize. It looked like one of my pictures was on the ground. I picked it up. It was one of my pictures from highschool. I was wearing a mini-skirt and a tight shirt. I put in on the counter and when I turned, I saw that he was still trying to get up so I went to help him. It was hard pulling him up. I would get him up and then he'd fall back down. This was really kind of hillarious.  I told him to get his ass up cause I was seriously tired. I pulled but this time, his momentum carried us to the sofa. He was like deadweight. I had to try to slide out from under him.

I was pushing and sliding when my hand felt his bare ass. With both hands I reach down and find that his pants and undies were down to his knees. I guess he was jacking off to my picture and, there was something hot, wet and sticky pressed hard on my inner-thigh. His weight was really taking it's toll and I was very exhausted.  I managed one deep breath. I was trying to get clear-headed cause I was really feeling tipsy and tired.  I remember thinking that this boy smelled so good. My body couldn't help but respond to the hard cock pressed up between my thighs. I don't know what I was thinking, when I parted my thighs a bit more and slowly arched my hips up to press the tip with my pussy. I was trying to slide his heavy body over while sliding my hips back and forth, just a little. I know it was wrong but my body was taking over. I managed to slip one hand down and reach my panties. I pushed and slightly edged my waistband to my hips. The shifting and sliding got them down to my thighs. I couldn't believe that his cock was still hard as lead.

With my panties down and his cock sliding up my inner thigh, I kept telling myself that I still had time to stop this. I was still thinking this when I realized that he was starting to kiss my neck and his hands were moving on their  own. They went down to my sides, where he pulled up on my shirt. He was groping my waist and then moving to my tits. He was caressing them and pinching my nipples. I could feel his knees pressing my legs open. When he realized my paties were keeping them together, he reached down with one hand and "snap" they were torn free. He didn't waste time and pushed the head of his cock right into my pussy. Deep.

He just started smashing me like he was out on parole. His mouth was all over me. My mind was reeling with emotions and buzzing. My body was on fire. His fat cock was strange to me but hit me in spots that were new to me. I was cuming almost immediatly. I'm not sure if I stopped and had more, I think that the first one just lasted the whole time. That old couch was bouncing and sliding.  The thought that we were going to get caught made it so much more intense. I don't know how long it was, maybe thirty minutes, but it was good. Really good. He finally collapsed on top of me. His cock spasming inside me. It was jerking like a dying snake. I was so winded and tired. I nearly fell blackedout, right there.  I was like get the fuck off of me. He thought I was mad and he was like, but I thought you wanted this.  I was like shut the fuck up, I just don't want to get caught pendejo!  So he let me up.

I gathered up my panties, turned off the TV and told him to clean this mess up.  I almost crawled back to the bedroom where went into the bathroom to clean up too. I changed my shirt and came back to bed. My man was tired but asked what had happened. I told him that his stupid brother broke some glass and made a mess in the living room. I told him that he was cleaning it that shit up. Not me. That was that.  I don't think that it will ever happen again and I don't know if I'll tell him. I do feel guilty now, but damn, that was really good. 

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Added: Mar 21, 2018
  • Posted by Masok3 on

    Nice to know slut sisters in law like you do exist

  • Posted by jenifer on

    ah, the benifits of having a 'brother in law'. You are very lucky on so many levels. xxx

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  • Posted by ronaldadams15 on

    Really hot I would love to smash you

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