Casino Bedroom Pretend

Hey guys! Want to hear something really exciting?

Sometimes when I'm staying at a hotel on the Vegas strip, I get really horny. I mean fetish, freaky, ass-play, voyeur, dirty.

I get tired of partying and gambling way before my man does and usually in my room for a few hours alone. Alone and horny. I used to masturbate in front of the window with the lights dimmed down, but it lost the excitement.

Last time, I did something really fun.  Here's what I did.  First, I put on my little lacey camisol with matching panties. It's really sheer and see through.  I then start spreading my clothes around like I took them off as I walked through the door. Kind of like a trail for some hunter to follow.  Next, I spread some empty beer bottles and glasses around the room. Half bottle of Jack on my night-stand.  Make it look like we did some serious drinking had happened.

Then the bathroom, I turn on the shower, leave on the lights and put on some local radio station in there. Door closed.  Looks like someone's taking a shower. Ha, ha. So clever, I think.

I'm playing with my shaved little pussy the whole time. I bring a couple of dildos, my vibrator and a few other toys. It helps pass the time, you know.

As my pussy is really throbbing, I make that call down to room service.  I ordered a steak salad and a cheese pizza. I thought they'd be closed, but they were still open. They said it would take about 35 to 50 minutes. No problem. That would give me enough time.

I laid out all of my toys and was super wet. I used my cute racey panties to soak up my pussy juices. I was getting up some real fluids. Dripping now, I checked the hallway and then ran back into bed, leaving the suite door slightly closed. A nice breeze could have opened it.

With the nightstand lamp and the light from under the bathroom door, the room was dimmly lit. As soon as I hear the cart come rattling up the hallway, I laid down on the bed with my legs hanging off of the bed. I'm kind of short so they weren't even touching the floor. I dropped my panties by my feet and then played possum.

There was a knock at the door. The guy was like, "Room Service".  He knocked a few more times I could hear him quietly, "come on, now. damn".  He knocked harder. I could hear the door creak open slightly.

"Hello?"  "Room Service, I got your food" He pushed the cart in and was like "I'll leave it here, just leave it outside your door and we'll get it in the morning."  He was mumbling to himself. Hmm, maybe the room was too dark. "must be in the shower" "why order anything when..."  I guess his eyes were getting adjusted to the room.  "excuse me mam..."  "what the..." "Oh, shit."

He had found me with my tits exposed and my wet cunt glistening. This guy was a real boyscout cause he actually touched my shoulder a little and said something like "are you alright".  I just rolled my head away and then groaned "just another hour, ok".  That was all he needed.  Clear conscience in hand, next I hear, "shhh, shhh. everything's fine..." 

He walked over to the bathroom door and put his ear to it. I guess to make sure that he had some time. He came over to me and started checking me out. He was very quiet but I could hear him "damn, girl. you so fine. I can't believe this, shit. Then he had his phone out. Flash, really? I guess he didn't have the view he wanted cause he began sliding my spaghetti straps off my shoulders. He was very clumsy. He must be really young or really inexperienced with women. He took a few more pictures with his phone and then went over to the bathroom door again. He was starting to get bolder. He was breathing really shallow (I thought he was going to hyperventalate). He kept freezing every time I flinched. His hands were really cold. With my eyes cracked open slightly, I could see him picking up my panties and start sniffing them. Next he put them in his mouth. Whoa. Ha, ha. He was standing between my knees and slowly placing his cold, wet palm on my thigh. This took him about three minutes. I guess he didn't want to wake me. Ha. Hurry up already. After a couple more minutes, his grip started to tighten. He had my panties in his mouth, his left hand on my thigh and just when I thought he would take care of my aching pussy, I heard him start jacking himself off (while slurping on my panties).

I was so dissapointed, I actually said, "what the fuck"!  He was like "Shit" and then he was off.  Yep with my panties in his mouth.  He did not come back for the tray.  No big deal. He probably couldn't have handled me anyways. 

Dalila702United States
Added: Jan 27, 2018
  • Posted by Kevron81 on

    Yep my face would of been in your pussy until u cummed a few times then after u said it was ok I would have gave u my big cock deep

  • Posted by Jascus on

    Oh my god, they door would have been shut and my face buried between your gorgeous legs in no time!

  • Posted by lickmm69 on

    My tongue would have been straight in your pussy slurping on your swollen lips and exposed clutch.

  • Posted by ronaldadams15 on

    Would love to walk in on you playing with yourself hunny

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