• taking no damn prisoners like his name is Hx

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  • Lookout world, this eroding shit stain has no limits. He also has a group of friends that lost their virginitys to a series of mail-order body pillows. Keep these 2 details in mind - it's the closest clue you're gonna get as to why the fuck this was filmed.

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  • Dare to use your pocket change to encourage these females and you'll usually be rewarded with disappointment. Or more seizures than an epileptic with a fast pass to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. REASON: Bitches be fakin.

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  • More HERE, HERE and HERE

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  • The notorious Periscope video streamed live hours before the Asian girl inhaled Oxymorphone and died. I didn't even know a 30+ minute version existed, and judging by Stewart's ragegasm @ the 27:00 mark I'm guessing he didn't either.

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  • Forgive my lack of relationship knowledge... but I really want to know: Does having less testosterone than a VICE journalist really attract women? 9 seconds of watching Predator has taught me otherwise. P.S. Nice hospitality Stewart.

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  • That's pretty much always been the unwritten rule... and this twat waffle just pulverized it. By the way: nice tattoos, but how about something that actually describes your body for the next one? "eggplant casserole" oughta do it. Yep.

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  • Behold, the full version of this edit

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  • Most chances of sexual activity flatline after being courted by Mike Myer's stunt double. Not in this guy's world. He refuses to let his disability hold him back and here I am wondering how I can translate all 4 Free Willy films into busting a nut.

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  • That might be Riley Reid. And I might have to come up with an explanation as to why my neighbor's cat is walking with a limp right now. #drugsdrugsdrugs

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  • There's something kinda endearing about a girl that has the pride-to-beauty scale of Romanian hooker. Her talents scream give me 6 months and my asshole will out-perform Mexican cartel footlockers. Clearly we're lookin at wife material here.

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  • I don't know what Chinese slave labor World of Warcraft gold server farm sweat shop you were able to smuggle her out of in a duffle bag... but it's time to stop.

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  • It's Litmas (featuring lil' Ghonnorea & Team Trash)

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  • Don't let the girth-to-length ratios fool you. These girls have zero respect for their reproductive systems and all surrounding upholstery. Such as illustrated by sloot @2:20 going down to the meat bag without as much as a pre-sodomy spit shine.

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  • Yes, she's 18-years-old... and slightly defective by the look of things. Really not sure what else to say about her. It's just another one of those geeky broads that's taken their obsession with Harry Potter spells a little bit too fucking far to fap.

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  • Classic Mya

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  • Gotta respect the duo at the end willing to show their face. Because even attempting to hide their identity would be crossing the line, whereas doing the Nutty Richard behind a Rite Aid dumpster is considered acceptable behavior.

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  • Only 1 thing compliments the feel of a holiday weekend - And that's getting more rash on your crotch from a guy you salad-tossed in the toilet of a Portuguese farmhouse. Note to those inbreds in the last clip: Just end the bloodline here.

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  • A pleasant reminder that if you let middle class college girls run wild on social media, mistakes will be made. I refuse to say any more on the topic. #kanye2020

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  • Seems straight-forward to me: Her vageen has the width of printer paper & he's hung like the Houston Rocket's starting lineup. Uncertainty should be expected.

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  • Around one minute in she dropped ^this gem of a line. Listen lady: If you think struggling to catch your breath while a man plunders your shit basket for blood diamonds is amazing, we really need to know how you celebrate Hanukkah.

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  • Congrats!

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  • Don't know the movie, don't give a shit either. But I have no doubt this surprise walkout was caused by a combination of: tucked wiener, unkempt rectal regions and chainsmoking the likes of which Alabama trailer parks have yet to experience.

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  • A lot of girls do a lot of inhumane shit just to keep their e-wallets overflowing with incel pesos. But there's truly no price point you can set on dignity. I gagged.

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  • Never underestimate the benefits of a 3-star YELP hotel that recycles toilet paper. You may leave with a more diseased crotch than all 97-years of Madonna's world tours combined... but the stories you'll be able to tell will be legendary. #facts

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  • Increasingly questionable video of a threesome that picked the wrong day to be recorded without sound. Don't worry tho, I'm a pro. And it's my personal opinion that at least two of these participants regularly use Midol and Tampax.

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  • [PART 1]

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